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A testament of our courage was assessed when we undertook the task of crossing the legendary LSD strain. The good news was that we failed to fail and victory was ours. We were rewarded with one of the most beautiful snow we have seen since global warming became a thing.

Taste & Aroma
Diesel & smoked wood.

The High Effect
Although the effect could be called a classic body high, LSD-25, of course, also has minor psychedelic effects to inspire the most creative minds. This illusive plant, if you smoke it heavily, you will notice some interesting visual effects. It’s in your best interest to not forget to cure the buds a little, opening some new dimensions to this strain. The effects from smoking this breed are long lasting and resilient. So, even if you are the king of THC, it is still important to heed caution to this strain to make sure it is not over-smoked (which is a rare occurrence with autoflowering strains).

How It Grows
LSD-25 is a straightforward strain that only means business. The growing process is hassle-free and is highly recommended to first time growers. She’ll forgive your inexperience and your mistakes while you learn. Incredibly sustainable genetically, she will withstand pH swings, interruption in light, excessively high or low temperatures, and haphazard feeding schedules. There’s only one thing about the LSD-25 that we would like to warn you about: this strain is a real water gulper. Thus, don’t forget to water regularly. It demonstrates great characteristics in all stages of cultivation: coco, hydro, aero, and others. Plants reach 70 to 120 cm in height (2.2 – 4 ft) and get rather bulky.

That said, these plants do indeed lift, however everyone could use a spotter in times of need. Feel free to train these plants and bend their compact branches, if necessary. This plant is the non-disputed heavy-weight champion that is too fast for its opponent, from start to finish. From the first observed leaves to harvest is roughly 8 weeks of elapsed time. As seen in all the strains in our catalog, LSD-25 is good for cultivation outdoors, in greenhouses, and indoors. She tolerates adverse soil conditions.
There’s a reason why this is our team’s personal favorite and will hopefully be yours too!


Gender: Feminized
Genes: Mostly Indica
Genetics: LSD autoflowering
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Harvest: XL
Height US: up to 40 inches
Height EU: 70 - 120 cm
THC: High
CBD: Low
Autoflowering: Yes

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Data Adaugarii: Thursday 06 June, 2019

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afirma si eu aceasi treaba(primita cadou)

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am crezut ca e teapa, asta chiar iese mov, nota 10

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Seriosi. Multumesc mult pentru bonus, ma declar un client multumit!

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Am primit aceasta samanta bonus, iese mov, mov.In poza pare ca e un mov spalacit, ea iese mov inchis, spre negru. Ma declar foarte multumit de voi!

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