Auto Super OG Kush

Auto Super OG Kush
It has been several years now since we worked on Hindu Kush, but we still couldn?t find its place in our catalogue, since we felt it lacked some flavor. Now we have crossed it with OG Kush and created a variety with a high THC, citrus taste, relaxing and narcotic effect, and really fast and productive flowering with thick and compact buds. Sure this strain won?t leave you indifferent!

Type 100% autoflowering
Production 500 - 520 gr./m2 (With 600W light)
Bloom 65 - 75 days
Height 70 - 140 cm
Production 40 – 120 gr./plant
Bloom Europe 75 days
THC: 17.5% CBN: 0.5% CBD: 1%



Cos Cumparaturi 
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